NYE News Release: Natural Hair Network Makes Natural Hair History Worldwide, New Social Site Launch New Years Day 2015



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Q: Ready to  make natural hair history with other natural hair citizens 1 minute after midnight #NYE?
The Natural Hair Network #NaturalHair social network platform is scheduled to open its cyberdoors with a worldwide press covered media blitz kicking off the New Year this 2015?

Oh Yaaaaaas: We’re definitely rolling out the red hair carpet for our new members all NEW YEARS DAY 2015! Don’t miss it!!! Follow us this blog site for details athttp://NaturalHairNetwork.wordpress.com




Are you moving on UP the social network society scale with us at our #NaturalHairNetwork?

Q: Are you moving on UP the social network society scale with us at our #NaturalHairNetwork?

Tell us ‘YES’ w/ your comments: _______________________________


Ohhh didn’t you know that:

Natural Hair Network #Barbers, Natural #Hairstylists,
Natural #HairBloggers,
Natural #HairJoggers 😉
Natural #HairVloggers,
Natural #HairEventPlanners with their @NatHairNightOut Calendars, #NaturalHairProductSuppliers,
Natural Hair #Locticians
#Natural Hair #KitchenBeauticianTechnicians can & will choose their own social space when we move into our new #NaturalHairNetwork community place!


Q: Is the Who’s Who in #NaturalHair   
     Networker you?

A: Send us your (confidential)
e-mail to us today to e-mail: naturalhairnetwork@bondgirl007penterprises.com as we prepare our news invitation party to celebrate 1st come get 1st member benefits in our brand new Natural Hair Network in 2015.



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