NYE News Release: Natural Hair Network Makes Natural Hair History Worldwide, New Social Site Launch New Years Day 2015



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Q: Ready to  make natural hair history with other natural hair citizens 1 minute after midnight #NYE?
The Natural Hair Network #NaturalHair social network platform is scheduled to open its cyberdoors with a worldwide press covered media blitz kicking off the New Year this 2015?

Oh Yaaaaaas: We’re definitely rolling out the red hair carpet for our new members all NEW YEARS DAY 2015! Don’t miss it!!! Follow us this blog site for details athttp://NaturalHairNetwork.wordpress.com




Natural Hair Network Launch 2015


Our #NaturalHairNetwork social network community is growing!

And that means we’re preparing to MAKE Natural Hair History this #2015 with a brand new place for us all to meet, greet, treat and repeat as members in our own SOCIAL NETWORK.

Q: If you’d like to move and GROW with us to our new community?… #NOW is the time to submit your e-mail address to us by invitation.

We intend to celebrate our new community growth with a worldwide PRESS release and want to kickoff our launch for 2015 starring you, our official:
#naturalHair bloggers & vloggers, #naturalHairbusinessowners,
#naturalhair models,
#naturalhair fashionistas,
#naturalhair wearers,
#naturalhair carers,
#naturalhair transitioners,
#naturalhair products,
#naturalhair barbers,
#naturalhair stylists,
#naturalhair locticians,
#naturalhair experts,
#naturalhair technique teachers,
#naturalhair event hosts/planners/      photographers…
#naturalhair vendors & more!

*Great Content
*Live Video Chat
*Facebook Likes
*Twitter Intehration
*Games & More
*Low Member Advertising Opportunities

Q: Are you ready for your earlybird special eMembership invitation?

A: PM us here with your Name & e-mail contact information.*

*NaturalHairNetwork on Facebook promises to never compromise the confidentiality or integrity of your contact information. All information submitted will be handled with strict internet security and confidentiality standards.


Twitter: @nathairnetwork

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